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WELCOME back to school!

The recent opening of the third school term should be marked as a milestone as we approach the half of 2013. The school holidays were filled with youthful activities that seemed to not stop these active youngsters from exploring a range of interests within the Sultanate.

From the Cabaran Belia 2013 to the mini recreational activities in each of the four districts, youths have taken the opportunity to enhance their skill and knowledge that range from enriching cultural learning to athletic competition.

Within The Brunei Times office in the capital, the second season of the BT Journalist Camp was on the to-do list of 32 young individuals who seemed to have a knack for journalism. During a BT Youth Speak session with
the first group of the camp, the participants possessed a timid eagerness of exploring a profession that was foreign to them yet they had the courage to take up the challenge to see whether it might interest them or come as a useful tool in the long run.

‘‘I have always wanted to travel the world to meet people and see what goes on out there. So I have always thought that journalism would be the best option,’’ said 15-year-old Hazel Chia of St Andrew’s School. Similar to youth activities out there, these individuals will evolve into becoming professionals of their own ideals and ambition outside the classroom to finding skills what they can excel in.

In taking advantage of the new term, students should evoke a refreshed perspective and reigniting a charismatic persona after a good holiday. The difficulties of the past term should not be an obstacle to face old familiar faces and the new challenges ahead whether it’s disgruntled teachers or pressure from other peers.

Look forward To begin with, students should be able to surround themselves with positive energy from their peers and teachers, a part to be
played by everyone.

With that positive energy in mind, students have the drive towards achieving their once-sought yearly resolution and term goals. Once achieved, it should not make one be any less ambitious to take on more opportunities and challenges to make a name for yourself.

Achieve your goals Don’t procrastinate. Students should constantly reflect on their achievements and observe the next set of goals and how should they approach them.  Students should have nothing to lose but rather gain experience and a success story to share in the long run.

It all comes down to the will of a person to set a plan into motion. Identify realistic targets and proceed on feasible actions on how to get there. Self-evaluate for improvement In between achievements, students should take a moment to reflect and evaluate self-actions in order to ensure that you are heading in the right direction.

It doesn’t hurt to ask a close friend or a family member to consult for advice on certain situations or decisions that you are not confident in. We aren’t perfect and we do make mistakes. When we are able to identify flaws in our plan of action, students are able to learn how to improve and go about creating a smoother process to achieve your goals.

Always have faith Of course, it’s easier said than done but remember to be sincere and tawakkal (trust in Allah SWT) in whatever you do. If you put in your effort whole heartedly, it is definite that you are going somewhere and to know your direction is a crucial way of reaching the destination of excellence.

All in all, the path to excellence is no easy road. Having to go through a year without needless drama of school life is inevitable. It’s about the choices you make that will be the pride of the embodiment of your ever-evolving knowledge of the world and your lifetime career.

– The Brunei Times

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