The Saint Andrew’s Alumni Association (SAAA) was formed in April 2003. It was formed with the primary objective of fostering ties between the school and its former students.

Its objectives are:

  1. to foster a spirit of friendship and mutual co-operation among its members
  2. to preserve and foster love and support for the Alma Mater of the School
  3. to mobilize support for and co-operation with the School and render whatever assistance that may from time to time be required for the benefit of the School including but not limited to fund raising for the benefit of the School
  4. to provide for sports, games, debates, lectures and other literary pursuits for the members
  5. to develop and maintain ties among Former Students of the School
  6. to raise funds for any of the objectives of the Association
  7. to initiate, assist and organize such forms of relief and schemes of social and community service as may be deemed desirable by the Association
  8. to foster a better understanding and goodwill among people living in Brunei

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