January 1956 saw a significant era in the history of St. Andrew’s School; her institution.

Canon Paul Chong En Siong always had in mind that for the church to nurture her young was through the teaching in Christian schools. Even though it was no easy task, with the help of parishioners, friends and family, he was able to establish the first Anglican school in Brunei town.

St. Andrew’s started from humble beginnings; with only 70 students, 3 teachers and a minute area of learning. Due to lack of resources, the school could only cater for the lower learning classes-the highest being Primary Four.

Though St. Andrew’s School had begun in a very small way, there were difficulties to be faced-difficulties such as in having to cope with the great differences in age in a class, the poor facilities, and difficulties on the administrative side. These were overcome and by the end of 1957, the school still existed. In 1964, the school moved from the church vicarage to its present site, benevolently donated by Dato Ong Kim Kee. Thus from this very small beginning, this mustard seed, St. Andrew’s School has grown into what it is today. It is Canon Paul’s wish that the school “continue to grow and prosper”.

At present, St. Andrew’s has fully grown to a fully equipped institution of learning which can accommodate up to 1694 students.

St. Andrew’s School has not wasted time or opportunities in its service and position in public education. In 1995, Computer Studies was introduced to our Secondary One students. In 2000, a Mandarin Club was formed to cater those who wants to learn the language. At the same time, sports, games and other Extra Curricular Activities are also encouraged and expanded. The school will continue its role in the country with a commitment to excellence in education for the school children in Negara Brunei Darussalam.

Principals of St.Andrews

1. Reverend Canon Paul Chong En Siong (1957-1963) Sarawakian

The founder and pioneer, the man who saw the need for a school and took action.

2. Mr. Daniel Alchuk (1964) Canadian

Single-handedly, he strove hard to keep the school going.

3. Reverend Father Paul Samuel (1964-1966) Indian

Under his able leadership, the school was divided into four Houses and the Annual Sports meet was held. The first edition of the school magazine was published.

4. Reverend Father William Marshall (1967-1970) British

He was strict during school hours, but amiable after school. His concern for youngsters, led to the building of the basketball and badminton courts.

5. Reverend Father Lance Johnston (1970-1973) Australia

With the help of a composer, he wrote the school song. He also created the Student Council.

6. Mr. Peter George Koshy (1974-1989) Indian

Mr. Koshy served the longest as principal and worked hard to raise the standard of discipline and academic achievements.

7. Mr. Solomon Soo Boon Ann (1990-2000) Bruneian

He is the first local to head the school. He was also a member of the School Board of Governors.

8. Mr. Jacob Chin (2000-2007) Bruneian

Mr. Chin was another Board member who became the principal. He set up various departments according to subjects.

9. Ms. Jane Keasberry (2008-2017) Bruneian

Ms. Jane is the first lady principal. She was a student and teacher of the school who rose steadily from the post of Assistant Deputy Principal, and Deputy Principal.

10. Mdm. Tan Lian Lian (2018-Present) Bruneian

Mdm. Tan Lian Lian retired from the Ministry of Education after 32 years of service. Her last post was as the Director of Schools’ Inspectorate. She taught A level Biology in Maktab Duli for 12 years and was also the Deputy Principal there for 10 years before being posted out to Sekolah Menengah PDSM, Mentiri as a Principal for 7 years.