A Student Council is formed at the beginning of each academic year. Councillors are nominated and recommended by a panel of teachers based on academic performance, active involvement in school activities, satisfactory disciplinary conduct, behaviour
and good personal character. The recommended candidates are then presented to the Principal and/or Deputy Principal who will make the final approval and endorsement.

The students are selected from Year 9 to Yr 11 of a total 38 members. They are sworn-in at a formal investiture ceremony, witnessed by the entire school population (teachers and students) in the second week of January.


1. To render assistance and support to the school on important school functions
(e.g. Parents Day, School Sport Day, Teachers Day etc.)

2. To carry out duties in maintaining discipline and order during school hours or
any school related activities.

3. To organise school events such as Teachers’ Day, Talentine or any other events pertaining to the interests of the students. (All decisions made and activities organised by the Councillors are carried out only with the acknowledgement or approval of the Discipline Master and the Principal before executing them).

4. To become role models to other students in discipline and academic studies. In order to provide a more effective leadership role for the Students Council, a ‘Cabinet’ system of student government was introduced in January 1989. The councillors are given specific duties under the following portfolios: President, Vice President (chosen by teachers and endorsed by principal), Secretary, Treasurer, Councillor of Finance, Councillor of Culture & Sport, Councillor of Information, Councillor of Students’ Affairs and Councillor of Discipline.

SAS’ Student Council Website > http://sasstudentcouncil.tumblr.com/


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