Welcome to Our New SAS Revamped website

Today 1st August 2013, sees another milestone for St Andrew’s School (SAS) as we launch our newly improved website. With intense hard work from the SAS-IT (Information Technology Team – a small but efficient network of teachers and staff), together with the ThreeG Media company,  headed by Mr. Rongen,  we are proud to announce the completion and operational working of the revamped SAS website.

We thank each and every one of you (teachers, students, parents and the public) for your patience and understanding over these 6 months to 9 months period as we set this revamping task in motion.

In this 21st century world we are in today, we use ICT in almost everything that we do. It could be explicit like using the Internet to search for information or conduct business transactions, and it could also be inexplicit – utilising ICT to perform our daily activities without even realising it.

As such, our revamped website will aim to establish connectivity with parents, students as well as the public.  It will help parents stay interactively connected through facebook and email with the school and stay informed with the activities of the school by signing up for your regular updates, e-Newsletters etc.. Alumnis can also walk down memory lane to savour and enjoy the beautiful and captivating photos of the many school and nationally related activities and cherish the sweet moments of “yester years” left behind – eg, Golden Jubilee and Peace Pole celebrations together with the.

Lastly, my sincere thanks goes to our sponsor Mr Stanley Lim, Managing Director of Borneo United Enterprise Sdn Bhd for his generous support towards the revamping of our SAS website.

To the SAS IT team, ThreeG Media Company and Borneo United Enterprise, thank you for delivering a more interactive and user friendly website for the school to the public.

Happy Browsing!

Warm regards and Blessings,