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A HARMONIOUS family is conducive to a child’s education and learning development, said the principal of Amal Umi Kalthum Al-Islam Mulaut Religious School yesterday.

In a speech delivered during a religious compatriot programme at the school, Hj Noorsiah Hj Mohd Noor (pic) highlighted the importance of the the family institution in developing a community that is resilient and advanced to support the growth of an integrated country.

A family must be surrounded by an atmosphere of strong, harmonious and loving,” Hjh Noorsiah said. “This is because family is an important institution in producing the next generation that is full of quality which can ensures the safety and harmony of the nation.”

Parents who are aware of the students’ progress or deterioration would be able to help and contribute to the academic improvement of the students. Hjh Noorsiah advised parents to help by monitoring children in their homework and revisions.

A harmonious family is catalyst towards a student’s excellence,” the principal shared. “If a child lives in a surrounding that is insecure and dangerous, it will cause deterioration and shortcomings in their learning.”  Hjh Noorsiah also stressed on religious studies as being an important factor that must be present in every family. With a strong faith and a solid religious knowledge, the parents as well as the children can steer away from the negative impacts from the mass media.

She urged parents to lead the family with exemplary attributes that can be emulated by their children. They should also motivate and inspirate their children towards success.

The school was the focal point of the religious compatriot programme which was held simultaneously in the country in conjunction with National Family Day. – Rahwani Zahari

The Brunei Times


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

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